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How to add Style to your Home with Lighting.

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Now that the darker months are approaching, I’m sure lighting has been on your mind. Do you want to add a special touch to the outside of your house? Lights are a good way to add a little flair while offering a sense of security. There are several types of lights that you can get, and there are many occasions when you can use fun lighting ideas. lighting_01_1024Holidays
This is perhaps the best time to explore lighting outside the home. Many people might think that the only time to decorate is at Christmas. However, more people are decorating with Halloween lights and letting them flow to the Christmas holiday. Begin with orange or purple draped around the front porch. If you don’t have a porch, then add some lights to the windows. Get creative with the designs by making a spider web or ghost. There are also decorations for Halloween such as pumpkins and witches that have lights intertwined in them.Christmas is probably the most popular holiday for putting lights outside. You can use one color or the multicolored lights. If you live in a large neighborhood, then you might want to have your lights uniform with your neighbors so that your house doesn’t stand out. Like with the Halloween lights, place the string around the front porch or windows. You can add lights to trees and shrubs, and some people add them to birdbaths or dog houses.

Whether you have a small fountain or a birdbath, you can make the water shimmer. Always remember to use caution when working with electricity and water. There are fountain lights that you can get at hardware stores that are specifically designed to be placed in water. Try to space these out to create a glowing effect. You can set the lights to come on with a timer, or you can manually turn them on when it gets dark. If you want to add lighting to a birdbath, then place them along the bottom edge.

Low Density
Sometimes, less is more. Invest in lights that have a low voltage. This will keep your electric bill down while giving a subtle brilliance along a sidewalk or bushes. Potential burglars are often put off by outdoor lights, so they act as a security system as well as a decoration. Make a plan before adding lights determine where you want to place them as well as what you want to use as a focal point. Do you want the lights to shine on the front of the house or garage, or do you simple want it to be easier to see where to walk when you come home after dark? One idea is to place lights near your house number. If there is ever an emergency, this will make it easier for responders to find you at night.

If you want to do something that is suitable to your style, then add some color to your lights. You can put colored plastic over the lens, or you can also change the bulb in the light to a different color. Another idea is to set your lights to come on and go off at different intervals. There are many different styles of light fixtures that can add a decorative element to any  area of your home. No matter what style or ambiance you’re trying to achieve; making sure the job is done correctly and safely is always best for your home. For more information on making your home unique, contact Michael at PALMA Electric, LLC for a complementary quote!

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